Film Days at VBU

Film Days at VBU is an international film workshop organised by Arts and Social Science high-school programme at VBU.

This year in August we are welcoming the fourth edition of the workshop that was inaugurated in March 2019. In the last three years almost 100 students from Croatia, Ireland, Serbia, Greece, Germany, Sweden and UK participated in the workshop and made 19 films. Each year was dedicated to the different topic: 2019 to town of Ludvika which celebrated 100th birthday, 2020 to UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and 2021 (which was organized partly digital) to Corona generation. 2021’s edition films, which were done following “Give and Take Concept” (group A is responsible for pre-production and production of the film and then in post-production phase they leave the film to group B while they also get material to edit from group C) you can watch here:

It is important to know that films were distributed to different festivals around the world after the workshop, like for example: FUSE – film under severe experiment, Four River Film Festival, Dalarna Film Festival, Nordic Youth Film Festival, Plasencio Encorto, Camera Zizanio, A-teens international Film Festival…

This edition’s topic is going to be the The Children's Rights Convention. There will be four groups, working with documentary film, fiction film, experimental film and music video. Each group has to connect their film with one of the Convention’s article. There will be total of 30 students (age 16 – 20) coming from Croatia, Germany, Ireland, Greece and Sweden. Each group will have one international mentor.

Film Days are supported by Film i Dalarna Länk till annan webbplats..

Film Days 2019 - one of the best experiences in my life!

Rudolf Ravbar, Croatia (Film Days at VBU 2019)