About VBU International High School

VBU (Västerbergslagens utbildningsförbund) is a municipal association formed in 1994 with the purpose of overseeing upper secondary and adult education in the municipalities of Ludvika and Smedjebacken. It is the oldest municipal association of its kind in Sweden. VBU’s campuses are located in Ludvika, Smedjebacken, and Grängesberg.

All subschools of VBU provide their students and staff with a rich learning and teaching environment that includes the participation of the local community. VBU’s ambition is to be the first choice for all students residing in the municipalities of Ludvika and Smedjebacken when choosing an upper secondary or adult education provider.

VBU International High School

VBU International High School is a subschool of VBU and it is located at campus Högbergsskolan in Ludvika. Our philosophy is to promote our students' academic and social growth, and provide them with a foundation for lifelong learning through a renowned international program. All courses taught at our school must convey respect for human rights and the fundamental values of democracy. Every person at our school must treat others with kindness, tolerance, and compassion.

At VBU International High School collaboration, intercultural understanding, and respect are a priority.

Mission statement

Our mission is to motivate and inspire students to reach their full potential and become knowledgeable, reflective, curious, balanced, compassionate, and engaged global citizens who actively strive to make the world a better place.


Our vision is to become a school of excellence that is active in our local community, promotes academic and personal growth, nurtures intercultural understanding, and provides a foundation for lifelong learning.

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